Bukovel, Ukraine

Procedure of room booking

1. Procedure of room booking

1.1 Booking of rooms in the hotel “Helios” is carried out by sending a booking request on e-mail welcome@helios.in.ua or by calling +38 (095) 050-20-47, +38 (068) 101-05-85

1.2 Upon the receipt of the booking request, the hotel assigns a serial number to it, which shall be indicated in the further correspondence between the hotel and the guest.

1.3 The booking request must contain the following information:

• surname and name of the guest;

• date and time of arrival and departure of the guest;

• type and number of required rooms;

• the number of adults,

• the number of children, their age;


1.4 In case the guest does not provide the information specified in clause 1.3 hereof, the hotel reserves the right to refuse the guest (group of guests) in confirmation of the booking request.

1.5 The hotel within 24 (twenty four) hours from the receipt of the booking request confirms the booking or refuses to accept the booking request. In case of confirmation of the booking request, the hotel will send the guest a booking confirmation. In case of no availability of rooms for the specified dates, the hotel will send a notice of refusal of booking confirmation. The indicated notices are sent to the guest by e-mail.

1.6 The hotel confirms the guest’s booking request only if there are free rooms of the requested category in the hotel.

1.7 Upon confirmation by the hotel of booking request and its sending to a guest, the room indicated in the booking confirmation shall is considered to be pre-booked.

1.8 The room booking is considered to be guaranteed upon the receipt of prepayment on a hotel’s current account or at the cashier’s desk.

2. Guaranteed booking

2.1 Booking is considered guaranteed if the guest makes prepayment for hotel services according to the invoice.

2.2 A guaranteed room booking confirmed by the hotel is preserved before 12:00 PM after the date of guest’s arrival. Payment for the first night of stay is charged in full, regardless of the time of arrival of the guest. In case of a guest arriving after 12:00 PM of the day following the day of arrival, his hotel accommodation is carried out according to general order and availability of rooms.

2.3 Any other cases of room booking are considered to be non-guaranteed. The hotel reserves the right to cancel non-guaranteed booking if necessary. The period of validity of the booking ends at 18:00 on the day of arrival unless a different time of arrival is indicated in the booking request

3. Procedure of guest’s arrival, check in/out time

3.1 Guests check in is started from 02:00 PM of the day of arrival according to the local time agreed by the parties in the booking confirmation.

3.2. Check out time- 12:00 PM according of the local time.

3.3 Check-in from 06:00 AM till 02:00 PM is considered early and is charged 50% of the room price per night, arrivals until 06:00AM are charged at the rate of 100% of the room price per night.

3.4 The guest’s departure after 12:00 PM is considered late. In case of late guest’s departure, the guest will be charged for the accommodation in the following order:

  • in case of departure before 06:00 PM a payment is charged in the amount of 50% of the room price per night;
  • in case of departure after 06:00 PM the full room price per night is charged.


3.5 The validity of the contract for provision of hotel services expires at 12:00 PM on the day of the guest’s departure.

3.6 During check in the guest shall provide the hotel administrator with a passport and a confirmation message from the hotel.

3.7 If you need to renew your stay at the hotel, the guest may apply to the reception and accommodation no later than 24 hours before the end of his/her stay. In the absence of free rooms in the extension of the period of residence may be denied. Upon prolonging the stay, the guest must notify the administration

4. Terms and procedures of payment

4.1 Payment for accommodation is made in UAH. The Hotel services can be paid in one of the following ways:

  • in cashless form by bank transfer of funds to the hotel’s current account specified in the contract;
  • in cash;
  • via credit cards visa, mastercard.


4.2 The payment method chosen by the guest is indicated in the booking request and must be confirmed by the hotel.

4.3 The final payment for accommodation is carried out during the guest’s check in.

5. Terms of booking cancellation

5.1 Cancellation of a confirmed application is a reduction in the number of guests, a total or partial refusal of the services indicated in the application.

5.2 The reservation request can be canceled by the guest only in writing by e-mail.

5.3 Regardless of the method of payment, the guest has the right to cancel his booking request no later than 5 (five) calendar days, i.e. not later than 5 days before the date of arrival. In case of cancellation of booking later than 5 calendar days prior to the arrival date or in case of not arrival, a penalty in the amount of 100 % (one hundred) of the payment made earlier is charged.